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Gold Coast Big Day Out Jan 2008

You go to BDO these days cause it's BDO. Seriously if you can't find a few hours of decent music and enjoy the atmosphere somewhere on the site then you have a problem that no amount of bitching will fix.

I have a distinct preference for tent shows rather than the main arena and this year that preference was reinforced by the lack of detail in the Arcade Fire sound. I could see violins but stuffed if i could hear them. What you do hear is clear enough but there's no details. I know there were complaints of the patchy sound in RATM as well.

So apart from Bjork and Arcade Fire [who i didn't record] all I saw was inside and this is what they sounded like.

Spoon - Live @ BDO GC 2008
Kate Nash - Live @ BDO GC 2008
Paul Kelly - Live @ BDO GC 2008
Cut Off Your Hands - Live @ BDO GC 2008
Die! Die! Die - Live @ BDO GC 2008
Bjork - Live @ BDO GC 2008 NOTE Fans only. The sound is muddy which is exactly how I heard it.

I didn't get any more cause I was enjoying myself wandering around and I don't record partial sets.

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